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When relsqui was coding FlyingFerret, there was an insidious bug involving array indices that resulted in the bot being unable to say anything except "Bananas!"

04:04 <xkcd> flyingferret: hi
04:05 <flyingferret> Bananas!
04:05 <relsqui> see?
04:05 <flyingferret> Bananas!
04:05 <xkcd> This shit is ...
04:05 <flyingferret> Bananas!
04:06 <relsqui> and this is why we have a test channel
04:06 <flyingferret> Bananas!
04:11 <relsqui> apples or oranges?
04:11 <flyingferret> Bananas!

It just got funnier and funnier as the night wore on and the damn bot kept cheerfully announcing 'Bananas!'. It's hard to debug through tears of laughter.[citation needed]

They eventually fixed it, but to commemorate the bug Bucket was trained to randomly reply "Bananas!" every now and then.[citation needed]



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