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Although traditional logic holds that bacon is a wholly animal derived product, studies have determined that fuzzy bacon has a significant fruit component. [1] While not everyone agrees, particularly those of faiths which do not allow the consumption of pig products, they are intrigued by the idea that bacon may not actually come from animals.

Bacon Number[edit]

Your bacon number is your degree of separation from eating bacon. For example, if Jack eats bacon and Jill eats Jack, Jack has a bacon number of 1 and Jill has one of 2.

Most people have a bacon number of 1, with the exception of cannibalistic Jews.

Pigs themselves are generally considered to have a bacon number of 0, with the exception of cannibalistic pigs, which have a bacon number of -1.

User Testimonies[edit]

rainboqer: its totaly awsome, bacon rules! <3 bacon

Reefstiz: I agree, and if you disagree, you're wrong. <3 bacon

LordOfWhales: If all the bacon of the world disappeared, the world would stop turning and we'd all be flung into space. With locusts. <3 bacon!