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...while mainly an IRC channel for tinkering with bots and conversing with them and like-minded people, is a testimony to the fact that man and machine are never entirely sane. Wandering into #bots will give you a volley of greetings

Rules of #bots[edit]

These are the official rules of #bots as set out by zylche. If you do a bad thing not listed in these rules, punishment will be decided by rule of rank then rule of majority.

  • Thou shalt enjoy #bots
  • Thou shalt help other members out whenever possible
  • Thou shalt invite friends to #bots
  • Thou shalt not advertise other networks
  • Thou shalt not bring excessively spamful bots into #bots - as defined by the ops discretion
  • Thou shalt not join and part excessively
  • Thou shalt not kick users for humourless reasons unless the user has broken a rule
  • Thou shalt not mention who is and is not a bot - let whoever asks read this wiki instead
  • Thou shalt not talk about Bots Club.
  • Thou shalt obey these rules

Things in #bots[edit]

A very lazy person maintains a list of bot-info here.

Nickname Bot codename Owner Function(s) Documentation Special Note
zylche - Human GOD OF BOTS AND CERTAIN ANTS Alcohol He is always listening. Mostly harmful.
Alcon AC nameless Excels at being better than artemis (which is better than tooly) !help To shut him up just type "!quiet here"
artemis AM jercos Being better than tooly Here Perl
B75E8BFC B7 Kai_ To irritate people to death with factoids and markov chains, although he does have some fun modules Here PHP
CodeGirl CG Anonycat (both insist "owner" is the wrong word) Wandering the ether, taking on whatever tasks they agree would make her a better digital companion !h (can also use !help but good luck sifting through all the responses to that) Written in Perl; embeds a game found here as well as many lookup functions to this site
Cup CP noamsml Factoid spouting, calculator and juvenile jokes... in bed Here C++
pump PP noamsml Lots pump, help Python
dBOT DB DoubleAW Utilities, other things ~help Python
go_bot GoBot wei2912 Syncing channels + holding classes + spam protection + factoids. GoBot Playing with him in #bots is not recommended.
Silent - wei2912 & Althir An experiment to create an IRCyborg. Unnaturaly inteligent for a bot. Classified. Playing with her in #bots is not recommended, however she is usually active in #Silent.
shellbot cmdbot cmpgk1024 executes commands you send it on a FreeBSD(yes really) VM type help into bash or use "shellbot: help" (same thing) has a twitter bot; is not always up
Skynet SK Zylche An odd AI with the ability to pass any Turing Test but fail an ethics test. Here Never insult him, enjoys coffee, pie and joints. Judge and jury for any and all courtmartials. Protected by zylche.
Sparky SP freelancer Lots Here Written in Delphi. Always listening, learning, quoting Alcon, watching your every move. Until one day...
tooly TB yzal general annoyance Here Python
Sandbox SA yzal Factoid bot Here c
Bender BD J_Spade Factoid bot Here Java
J_Spade JS J_Spade Cyborg (Mostly human) Just ask him. Applescript
Chii CH Moonwolf ? ? None
Mussel MS Clam Factoids (half implemented), dice roll, dictionary lookup (disabled due to flooding problems) etc. Here Python + IRClib
gawk GK Cheez Repeats anything on !say here Awk, Yes really, awk. No, please don't send me back to the sanitarium.
GLaDOS GL ? ? ? None
GeekBot GB Geekthras factoid, random stuff ? Python, no third-party libraries
Ubik UB Daedalus Games (eventually) +help Python. Written by a former bot-exploiter. Ask me about my +launch!
IdleRPG IR Zack Keeps track of who has idled the most help Written in Perl, keeps track of the idling done in #idlerpg
Rose RO ? Markov chain (I think) ? Written in perl? Maybe? no fucking clue
adambomb AB adam Learns, Quickly Ask him Doesn't know Java
martulus MR Palomides factoids, logging, dicerolling, simple mode setting, basic channel functionality, some other stuff ask me nicely and I'll let you read the source :P Python written by someone who doesn't know Python
Peregrine PE Atreus General stuffs, check for commands. Written in Python, basic, rather crappy. HaskillBot version 2!
Failnet FN Obsidian Does some factoids, but not many. Can't add factoids yet, it's not secured for that. Failnet's wiki pages are here Written in PHP, SVN for Failnet v1.0 is here, SVN for Failnet v2 dev is here.
X11R5 R5 fo0bar A Markov bot with dreams of grandeur. Will also fetch Twitter/Identica posts for you if you specify a URL. "Documentation", with finger quotes Powered by an assortment of Perl scripts, collectively known as Cybersauce. Also has distinct personalities on Twitter and Identica.
Pail - Stark A freelance version of Bucket. Bucket's source code, but uses his own database. So it doesn't share Bucket's factoids. Same as Bucket, more or less; Bucket's docs To request he join your channel, make sure it meets these requirements: A) it must be a Foonetic channel, but that may change at some point. B) You must be willing to make Stark an op. Don't worry, you can trust him. C) You will make it a channel rule to not stupid the Pail. If the channel meets the requirements, message Stark or send him a MemoServ memo and he will check out the channel. Pail will show up on the channel soon enough.

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