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Welcome to the docs for Assassins bot, an IRC bot built to moderate the game of Word Assassins. Assassins is written in python using Twisted.

What is Word Assassins?[edit]

The goal of the metagame is to 'kill' your targets by having/tricking/waiting for them to say a certain common word, your target's 'death word'. After you kill a person, you will obtain their target and must 'kill' the new target as well, until you are the last man standing.

What is a 'death word'[edit]

At the beginning of every game, each person is assigned a 'death word' which only their killer knows. If your killer dies before he can 'assassinate' you, you will be randomly assigned a new 'death word' which your new killer will have to trick you to say.

What happens when I say my 'death word'?[edit]

If the bot sees you say your death word, you will be 'killed' from that round. All players will receive a notification of your death and your killer will continue your mission to kill your target. The joined list is persistent and you will be auto-entered into the next round.

When does a round end?[edit]

A round ends when either one of two conditions are met:

1) only one assassin is left standing
2) the 24 hour round lifespan ends

After a round is over, you do not need to rejoin for the next round. You will be automatically assigned your next target. Because of this, it is highly encouraged that you frequently check your stats to make sure you are up-to-date with your current assignment.

Basic commands[edit]

All commands can be used either through PM (private messaging) the bot, or saying it outloud in a channel in which the bot is in. If you are going to use a command in a channel (discouraged) you must prefix your command with '-' (i.e. '-join').

join == This command will enter you into the next round of the game. Once you enter, you do not have to enter again, unless you use the quit command

quit == This command will not only take you out of the current round but also remove you from the entire auto-join list

cyanidepill == This command will remove you only from the current round, you will remain on the auto-join list

help == This command will give you a basic overview of the game and your up-to-date command options

myscore == The bot also keeps track of how many kills you have gotten, use this command to check your score

topscore == This command will display the top scorer(s) of the game so far

version == This command will tell you the current version of the Assassins bot