2015 Utrecht Meetup

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Martin and CO2 decided to meet up in Utrecht. CO2 promised to show Martin the sights of a city Martin wasn't familiar with. Afterwards, others indicated that they might want to join.

Location and date[edit]

We'll meet up at Utrecht Central Station on Saturday, March 7th at 9:40 AM.

If you want to join us later, no problem. But we'll probably be elsewhere in the city. Please message CO2 if you'd like to exchange phone numbers.


  • Visiting the historical city center
  • Possibly visiting the Dom Church (free entrance) and the 112 meter tall Dom Tower (9 eur p.p., we'll have to find out that day if there's still tickets available for a tour)
  • Visiting the Central Museum and the Dick Bruna Huis (home of Miffy/Nijntje). Combination ticket for 11 eur, free if you have a Dutch Museum Card
  • Ending up in a nice pub for some drinks
  • Having lots of fun


I've heard people from #xkcd, #xkcd-signal and #geohashing were interested. As far as we're concerned, everyone can join. Just let us know!

  • CO2 - 'Tour guide'
  • Martin
  • Eupeodes will probably join for part of the day
  • Thomcat is available for any and all of the above