2012 Oslo Meetup

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As inspired by the 2011 UK Meetup. Still an idea in progress; went wiki after realizing that my (Caffeine's) chances to attend the 2011 UK Meetup are <slim-to-none. The feedback in #xkcd indicates that people want a reason to visit Norway.

Based on conversation in the channel, Caffeine says it might be in July-ish. Anyone care to confirm, or set a real date? -- Hermiene


- Hermiene might be able to house one or two people for a day, traveling on the next day (plane or train, not yet sure). He lives in Bergen.

Reasons To Visit Norway[edit]

- Norway is the best country to live in

- Nougatti has a car which can contain 5 people. He also has a roof-rack and a trailer-hitch.

- Norway has a king and queen and royal family, JUST LIKE THE BRITISH! You can even make faces at the castle-guards!

- Norway has fjords and stuff. And blonde women.

- Norway, unlike popular belief, is not Snoreway, and should not be confused with it.


El I'll be in Oslo to start chasing the northern lights in dec if this hasn't already happened...

Caffeine Gimme a date and I'll be all set! Just an hour of bus from my place

Corynne I'm actually trying to go over myself this year, if dates and such are put in place, I'd be up for it. <3 Norway

Antior A very strong maybe, depending on my financial status and a lot of other reasons. Would be great to go, especially if we can combine it with some nice Geohashing. Meh. Probably not.

Nougatti I'll be there, but Gjøvik would be a much better location! Only an hour and a half from Gardermoen and more pretty! From June 11th, I'm gonna be living in Jevnaker which is even prettier.

relet Gimme a date and I'll be all set! Just an hour of bus from my place. (hmm, sounds familiar) [copypaster... -Caffeine]

SpicyLemon I would love to go! I can't promise I can make it, but I can sure try!

Kalivha Sounds interesting. I have no clue at this point, and I was planning to go to Pakistan next year in the summer, but maybe I'm better off staying away from Pakistani summers.

Hermiene Sign me up! I'll attend, money permitting (which it probably will). Oslo isn't that far from Stavanger; if I can perfect my photon transmitter and if there's a fiber wire running the length, I can be there in 1.42ms. Update: I now live in Bergen, and can be there in 1.02ms; that's a .40ms shave-off!

cls Maybe. I'll have graduated next year, and I plan to visit some of my Norwegian friends anyway.

Walther Hey, sounds interesting - when more details are available, hilight me, I'll see if I can arrange myself there!

Sandy If I've got nothing better to do, I might consider hitch-hiking my way there. I take it I'm correct in assuming all the arrangements are made on this page?