2009 Christchurch Meetup

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Place: 243 Breezes Rd Aranui Chrischurch, Bus Number 5 or 51 from the bus exchange

Time: 7th july 12 noon

Host: Daniel YellowOnion Hill and his family

Worries: None of you are kleptomaniacs hopefully?

ChatRoom: #chchmeetup

Still to decide[edit]

Ideas for what to do (Please contribute if you have a good idea or can provide supplies)
  • science alive
  • Consoles of some sort
  • LAN
snark can bring a netbook and a laptop
potassium has a laptop and possibly a desktop
Fenix20xx has a desktop
YellowOnion has 2 desktops (1 + 0.8 + 0.2)
  • Drinks
  • or any combination of these
  • Consoles, food, drink, party!
there is a Supermarket close by
(Potassium can probably bring a few bags of chips and fizz and random other food, others would of course be expected to show up with other such stuff)
(Fenix20xx has an acoustic guitar):
(Phire has a Wii but also mite have swine flu)
Someone needs to bring a switch, or wireless hub - NotSarah can bring an 8 port wired switch, and maybe more


Coming over from Melbourne, Australia, in Christchurch only for a few days
Can be there any day as I have school holidays during the time FantasyProne is here :D
I can be there almost any day, but not wednesdays (or the middle weekend)
I should be able to come just remind me to, my home phone number is 03-382-8752 probably free from a hotel if you need to chat
I might show up and mock you I suppose...
your favourite sarcastic op is going to drive for a couple of hours, so you guys had better show up - my cell is (027)711-1970 if needed for emergencies.
Might show up, depending on time and place. Has work, so might not be able to make it if it's during the day.
Has (possible) Swine Flu. (The doctors are completely overwhelmed, and are refusing to see anyone with flu symptoms. But I definitely have a Flu)
I should sign up on the forums. Also why not.
Anyone else in the area ?



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