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This is a proposal made on 2012-06-17. Please leave comments and suggestions on Talk:You Lost achievement, indicating whether you:
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See Proposed achievements for more information on this process.

[edit] Background

The Game is a mental game where the objective is to avoid thinking about The Game itself. Thinking about The Game constitutes a loss, which, according to the rules of The Game, must be announced each time it occurs. It was thought impossible to win The Game, this has since been proven to be false. The Game has been variously described as pointless and infuriating, or as challenging and fun to play. As of 2010, The Game is played by millions worldwide, although in theory, the whole world is playing it.

[edit] Requirements

To claim this achievement you must lose The Game at a geohash.

[edit] Proof

To prove you have lost, provide a photo of you holding a sign stating "I have lost" or "You lose".