Vanttauskoski, Finland

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Wednesday 2017-09-20 66.0922797, 26.3183055

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Unarin-Luusua Sodankylä Pyhäjärvi
Rovaniemi Vanttauskoski Kemijärvi
Oulu Pudasjärvi West Pudasjärvi East

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Today's Location: [Vanttauskoski]


The Vanttauskoski graticule is at latitude 66, longitude 26.

It is located in sparsely populated area in Lapland. Vanttauskoski is a village in Rovaniemi municipality. With 300 people it's the biggest human settlement in this graticule.


1. 2010-08-15_66_26 Reached by isopekka

2. 2010-08-22_66_26 Reached by isopekka

3. 2010-11-14_66_26 Reached by isopekka

4. 2012-10-12_66_26 Reached by isopekka

5. 2013-05-01_66_26 Reached by isopekka

6. 2014-06-29_66_26 Reached by isopekka

7. 2017-08-05_66_26 Reached by Pastori and The Wife

Notable Dates[edit]

isopekka earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (66, 26) graticule, here, on 2010-08-15.