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To Do[edit]

  1. Convert script from Bash to Perl to run faster.
    • Done, parsing all the data only takes a few seconds now, as opposed to many minutes.
  2. Automate retrieval and decompression of source data.
  3. Pretty-up each placemark's description to include hyperlinks to this Wiki and peeron map.
    • Done; don't need link to peeron map (you're in a mapping application already!).
  4. Add format checking of source data.
  5. Properly account for W30 graticules.
    • Punted, due to #2, this would be left for an exercise to the user.
  6. Add option to display labels for each place marker.
    • Done.
  7. Add option to override default <name> tag for KML document.
    • Done.
  8. Add ability to specify more than one graticule at a time.
    • Done: multiple graticules can be specified by separating them with colons.
  9. Add support to colourize place markers (by graticule, date, etc.)
    • Need to flesh this out more.
  10. Add (better) support for Globalhash place-markers.
    • Perhaps as -G alternative to -g <graticule>?