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Hey, welcome to Seattle geohashing! Glad to see someone else excited about this besides Thomcat and myself. If you're thinking of going on Saturday (or any day), just post about it on the Seattle page or its discussion page, and that will let whoever else know so that planning can happen if multiple people want to go. We do the same, and we all have our watchlist stuff enabled so that we don't have to constantly check the website to find out what's up. I recommend you do the same - go to your preferences, and in the watchlist tab check off "Add pages I edit to my watchlist" and "Add pages I create to my watchlist" (at the bottom), and then in the main tab check off "Email me when a page on my watchlist is changed". (If you feel like it.) That makes the planning/social aspects of the site a lot easier.

Happy hashing!

-- OtherJack 22:40, 14 August 2012 (EDT)

Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I'm kind of upset that I never got into this years back but better late than never. It's been so much fun going through and seeing what such an amazing community can put together! I'm pretty noobish when it comes to wikis so your advice is much appreciated, I'll get on that pronto. Definitely had to learn a lot about formatting and linking and such today. I have been all over my friends today telling them about it and getting them excited. My roommate and 2-4 others have expressed a lot of interest so hopefully I can drag them along. My understanding so far is that the graticule's discussion page is for things like "thinking about going out with such and such people at such and such time at a later date" whereas making an expedition page is for when you've mapped out the location and firmly decided you're attempting it. Is that about right?

Looking forward to some adventures!

-- P4r4digm 22:58, 14 August 2012 (EDT)

Haha, I don't think there are any real rules about the main page vs. the discussion page, everyone seems to do that differently. The main point is just to remember to post on one or the other (hell, or both if you really want) when you decide to start planning a hash, so that the watchlist mechanism actually works. Otherwise no one is going to have any idea that someone is actually hashing that day (since most days are hashless.) So yeah, use whichever you feel like. I'm just telling you all this because it took me a couple years before I figured it out.
Btw, I personally am going to be busy this Saturday and probably won't make it to wherever, but don't let that stop you!
-- OtherJack 23:25, 14 August 2012 (EDT)
I'll second the welcome, and look forward to meeting up. I will be available Saturday, and will likely post an alternate meetup if the hashpoint is awful. Did you read about our most successful graticule meetup, 2008-06-28_47_-122 right here in Ballard? --Thomcat 10:27, 15 August 2012 (EDT)
I did see that epic Ballard meetup....another reason I'm sad I never got into this back when it was huge. I'm shooting for a Saturday expedition but it depends on the location and my group's schedules. 2 friends aren't available till after 6 so I may consider rainchecking them and going out to make it out there by 4. I'll know more info Friday. Thank you both for the welcomes! --P4r4digm 11:57, 15 August 2012 (EDT)