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My first geohash today. I was coming home to Stevenson, WA from Humboldt in NoCal and stopped outside Salem OR, in the bottom corner of the Portland graticule at 45.029225°, -122.973691. 1/2 way from the equator to the pole. When leaving my hotel this morning in Grants Pass I checked for spots along the way. This one was right off I-5. So a quick exit and a short walk on a muddy field, & there I was. Now all I have to do is learn how to post this info.

Good starting point. The "Help" page on the left sidebar has a lot of useful info, including a page

on "Reporting on your expedition". Welcome to Geohashing. I'll create the report page for you as a start. Jiml 00:27, 30 December 2010 (EST)

2nd one today, between PDX & the Columbia. I'm still working on the posting photos thing. I have uploaded 2, but I'm not sure where to. I have blank squares showing up. 27 Feb, 2011


Re how to upload an actual tracklog, see the advice at Working with tracklogs under "Uploading tracks". I found that worked quite well, but I'm sure the other two are also OK. -- OtherJack 04:17, 8 September 2012 (EDT)

Is it just me, or is the Peeron lookup page broke ?[edit]

I have been getting an "needs different API key" error message from the "" page. Is this just me ?

It moved to a new server. See the main current events page, or the main Talk page. Jiml 15:17, 22 September 2011 (EDT)

Has anyone noticed ??[edit]

That when you go to the map look-up page you are given 6 decimal points of resolution, and that is plenty, but when you go to an expedition page you get 7 ? And if you click the google map link, they have 14 or 15 or something ( I assume this is just the max that the algorithm carries it to). But the weird part is that the rounding off isn't always right.


Hi Kydlt! Welcome to the game! The wiki is a bit challenging indeed - I have no clue why everyone is using this particular software. Your photos are here (look at the source text of the page for the links): File:Chalk_msg.JPG - File:Down_by_the_riverside.JPG - You can link to them with their name in double square brackets.

Down by the riverside.JPG

Did you find the guides already?

  • Help:Contents for a bit of everything, it's linked to in the left sidebar.
  • Expedition for creating expedition pages, there is a section on uploading photos too.

The people who wrote them will be very happy if you can suggest improvements if anything does not seem to work. :) -- relet 06:36, 27 February 2011 (EST)

Another welcome (albiet a bit delayed), this time from a relatively local geohasher! Greetings from Hillsboro, OR (well, sort of). Regarding the naming of the The Dalles graticule. It is named that way because the city is named that way, and the graticules are named after the largest city/town in the graticule. It does make for some peculiarities when referring to it though. Anyways, when I finally get back to the Oregon area (shouldn't be all THAT much longer), we should definitely try to get a meetup going! --aperfectring 05:07, 26 May 2011 (EDT)

Still beating it

Still wacking the wiki: I am still trying to teach myself around this wiki. It isn't a format that I have used in the past. I know that I have seen in the past what the deal is when the spot is just off shore, but I cant find it now. Todays point for The Dalles is on my side (WA)of the river, and I think that I will drive up there rather than figure out how to post about it. OBTW, the helpfiles are somewhat helpful, but I still have to continue to make mistakes & mispostings to find out if I am reading them correctly. But isn't that the way.

Stuff I need to be able to find

   * Template:Coordinates graticule (edit) (semi-protected)
   * Template:Coordinates graticule/latOnly (edit) (semi-protected)
   * Template:Coordinates graticule/lonOnly (edit) (semi-protected)
   * Template:Coordinates/30Wadjusted/latOnly (edit) (semi-protected)
   * Template:Coordinates/30Wadjusted/lonOnly (edit) (semi-protected)
   * Template:Coords are announced (edit) (semi-protected)
   * Template:Date link (edit)
   * Template:Dow date to use (edit)
   * Template:Dow holiday (edit)
   * Template:Easter (edit)
   * Template:JULIANDAY (edit)
   * Template:Meetup graticule (edit)
   * Template:Meetup links (edit)
   * Template:Usdst (edit)
   * Template:WEEKDAY (edit)
   * Template:Weekday in month (edit)


Hi Kydlt -- Belated congratulations on pioneering the Hermiston graticule! Mrs. and I have been hashing Eastern Oregon this week, and I stumbled across your adventure in ranchland.

I modified the graticule page and the Oregon page to give you full credit for the achievement, and took the liberty of monkeying a little bit with your expedition report and even your individual page a little bit as well. Hope that's OK.

Best, Michael5000 00:03, 20 July 2011 (EDT)


Awesome to see your hashpoint marker today, sir! Michael5000 17:11, 3 August 2011 (EDT)

And thanks to you, sir, for the inspiration to leave a temporary marker behind at a hash. (from your chalked message at 2011-02-26 45 -122) I am looking forward to the time we meet at some random time and place. kydlt

New Tool[edit]

For some time I've been wishing for a pocket camera that geotagged the photos, and also recorded the heading of the view. They exist, but are pricy. However, I just got an ipad app named 'Theodolite' that does such a thing. I like it, but I don't like using the pad as a camera.