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Welcome to geohashing, and well done on your expedition! We look forward to reading all about it later. If you need any help, just ask. -- Benjw 20:59, 10 May 2009 (UTC)

Hi! I'm an exchange student and I am in Göteborg for a few month (that is until late May). I was looking for some nice outdoors activities I could do (to avoid spending all my free time in front of a computer) when I remembered geohashing. I've seen that you've done a couple of expeditions last year, and I was wondering if I could possibly join some of the next ones, if you plan to do some while I'm still in Sweden. The problem being that I don't have any kind of gear that would allow me to do geohashing alone. In particular, I didn't bring any GPS receiver with me when I came here, which kind of sucks to geohash, and which means that I'm pretty dependent on others. Anyway, just tell me if you're interested, and we can try to figure out how we can join each other later :)
Pierre -- 2010-03-05 2045 CET

Hi Pierre! Sounds nice to me. The weather isn't the best right now ;) but as soon it gets some degrees above zero I'll probably go on geohashing again. My friend Jonatan is probably coming with us too. Where are you from, and have you done any hashes published here? What's your username in that case so I can contact you?
Gabriel -- 2010-03-06 22.23 UTC
Hi! OK, that's great! I agree that the weather is not necessarily the best possible right now, but I'm hopeful it will continue to get warmer and warmer :) (even though I don't dislike cold weather). I've never done hashes before (I am certainly a bit lazy, and I've never had enough motivation. But I like the idea (and being an xkcd fan makes me even more willing to start)).
I'm from France. I am studying in Lyon, and my family lives in Chambéry, near the Alps (around here and here). I don't have an account on this wiki yet, so I guess we'll have to rely on our friend Mr. Email for the moment → pierre.karpman [at]
Pierre -- 2010-03-07 1641 CET

Copy from Talk:Göteborg[edit]

Ahoy Gøteborg! I'll be around on the weekend of Nov 6-7 and might have a little time besides attending FSCONS10. Care for a meetup if the coordinates are favourable? :) -- relet 14:50, 19 October 2010 (UTC)