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Image names[edit]

2012-08-19 28 -82 looks like you had a fun expedition. Congratulations on reaching the hashpoint in spite of obstacles and welcome to the community and the wiki!

I enjoyed reading your report, but there is just one minor issue: Please try to name your images according to the guidelines in the future. More specifically, use 2012-08-19 28 -82 FoundIt.jpg instead of FoundIt.jpg and add the lines [[Category:Meetup on 2012-08-19]] and [[Category:Meetup in 28 -82]] to the description. Not only will this keep the image namespace clean, it will also make it easier to attribute your pictures to your expeditions, particularly for bots.

Thank you for being compatible and have fun with geohashing! --Calamus 06:53, 25 August 2012 (EDT)