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Okay so[edit]

The thing(s) about the trebuchet: it's technically portable, but not especially so. We accidently poured something more like 300+ lbs of concrete for the counterweight as opposed to the planned 200. Aside from that, the thing bolts together, so it assembles or disassembles in about half an hour. Also I miscalculated the footage of lumber we needed, so the throwing arm's 2' shorter than anticipated. Nonetheless, I think we hit upon something in the last test: we need higher projectile mass for longer range, because the thing just snaps through its firing arc presently. oh and also we need to replace the axis with probably a piece of an old car's drive train because some genius physicist guessed that the stress placed on it wouldn't bend or break a steel pipe (hint the physicist in question might be randy)

Those caveats aside, I do wanna get this thing firing proper-like.

I replied, but it's over at my talk page, and I'm feeling lazy. --James. 01:34, 21 June 2008 (UTC)

Classiest Geohasher Ever[edit]

A+++++++, would hash with again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Julie and I both agreed, upon receiving your thank you note, that was an uncommonly stand-up-guy thing to do. It was actually my first geohash as well - I had a failed attempt at the previous Saturday's. Regardless, perhaps we'll have to try and get together some other time this summer - there's quite a bit of good stuff in the area. Jamessig.png

Clint, I don't know if you remember the two names on our mailbox, but mine is the "other" one. I'm reluctant to put my e-mail address out here but if you remember that name, my address is gmail, with "julie[othernamehere]". It's also my AIM name, all of which work for reaching me directly. I'm sure I'm being overly cautious, but sometimes I just have to act my age. Julie

Howdy. Umm, so Julie talked to me and gave me your screenname and I thought that conversation logged but my motherboard is kinda less good than it may need to be so it didn't log and now I don't have your screenname. I thought yours was super effing clever though. Mine is, as it always has been, SupaJames, so look for me there and I'll look for you and we'll figure out a good day for whatever's going on. Jamessig.png