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[edit] Life in the old graticule, yet

Hello fellow Geohashers! It's (oh, hang on, how do I do the markup again...) Monty here!

Sorry, I'm awfully bad at updating my exploits, and I tend to just look at the Carabiner/Peeron page and then go (and photograph myself at them) and then... erm, nothing. Been ages since I've even logged into this Wiki.

Nearly went to Holmfirth/Victoria Park, as well, but time was against me. I'm sorry I didn't actually go, now. Would have been nice continuity, given the very first Hash I went on was one where I met others. Since then, just me on my lonesome, as you can probably see from what reports/photos I bothered uploading.

Anyway, now I know I'm not so alone, I may make an effort to publicise what I'm doing, even if I'm not going to upload everything quite as sharpish. ;)

Maybe see you around. (Not today... Sorry, but I saw the alternate destination (don't recognise its significance, but I imagine it has one), which prompted me to check here for someone new. Not sure why that location, but it's not an easy one for my itinary.) Until then, Happy Hashing. --Monty 09:10, 13 November 2012 (EST)

(The following was posted to my own talk area, but thought I might copy it in here to maintain consistency. - Monty)
Hey Monty!
(Hope I'm editing this right and not screwing up your page) Glad you're still about, we noticed there hadn't been much activity lately and was worried this was a dead graticule! If you're on twitter please add me @claire_e_dodd and I'll do the same, any plans we make are usually short notice but we tend to tweet our activities. Not sure I understand the alternate location lol, in fact quite a lot of this is confusing to us but we're still having fun! Anything on the M62 stretch is usually a good one for us, we'll be crossing into the Manchester graticule if anything crops up around Rochdale.
Great to hear from you! Claire
I hope you don't mind the above editing. I'm no expert with these things myself, but it seems to work better as a 'conversation' on a single page. ;) No, you didn't screw anything up, but (as well as copying your response back here) I edited in a title (an appropriate one, I hope) to make it generally consistent and allows other conversations to happen on your Talk page.
I'm not on Twitter at all, I'm afraid. I've long considered it (and helped other, less technical people, join that service), but I am rather scared of the time it would eat out of my life. (As if Geohashing hasn't already!) But maybe this is the impetus I need. I've got an idea of what I might take as a name (reasonably sure it'll be unique to me), so you'll probably recognise me if/when I take the plunge!
I've no idea if you had an opportunity for today's Geohash (see [1], and apologies for not having time to 'announce' it so you knew I might be there), but it seemed like it was in your sort of area, so I left a slip of paper there, in a gap in the stone wall, in case you were going to arrive later. Of course, on the way back it started to rain so it might have become unreadable, if it hadn't already blown away.
I had hoped to have sorted out a report for the day, even if I never got around to uploading the photos, but it's getting late and looks like I've still got so many other things to do that it'll have to go in my 'to do' list, as with a load of others since my last real edit of the 53 -1 page.
Your immadiate area is a little off my "quick and easy to get to" territory (I actually quite like Peak District landing spots, in areas with public and open access across miles and miles of moorland, sometimes even with a handy footpath nearby, although with the nights drawing in and weather turning I may not even be getting all of those in the coming season), but assuming I still have the wherewithall I could definitely do more trips that way. But that'll be in the lap of the gods, so won't promise anything, and may not even be able to so easily liaise in advance (even though I try to check absolutely every single day's location, at some point).
Oh, and the "alternate location" thing came about because when I checked [2] I saw that while the official spo was somewhere down near Chesterfield, there was an alternate location posited (by yourself, I assumed) up in Leeds. Which is when I realised that there was someone else! (If I can, I usually check Peeron's location finder almost immediately after the Dow Jones gives up the figure it provides (about 2:30pm GMT on the day before, it seems, or of course on the Friday for all the weekend/Monday/sometimes the Tuesday as well), but I didn't read that until the day itself, otherwise I would have been as oblivious as before to your presence.)
Anyway, I shall try to get myself editing updates a bit more. Perhaps some "upcoming events" and things, as well. But still can't promise this, what with time pressing, and all... ;) But I now should check this Wiki for activity, more, at least... --Monty 15:07, 17 November 2012 (EST)
(PS, sign off with two hypens (-) and four tildes (~) in a row, with no spaces, and you get the above time/date signature construct. I believe you can make it look even fancier, but I'm long out of practice with Wiki markup and user configuration!)
(PPS, yes, I type too much. Probably why I have so little time on anything else! ;)
Sorry for the late reply, not had much free time lately. Strangely it was not us who chose the alternate location, if there is another geohasher around Leeds it would be nice to find out who it is!
Anyway December is pretty busy for us so not sure if we'll be venturing out much but if we do I'll do my best to try and let you know in advance ;) Claire --Claire&Jason 17:23, 25 November 2012 (EST)