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Seriously, Chuckrex does rock.

Regional Geohash[edit]


Someone brought that to attention in the IRC... You claimed a regional geohash for Washington some months ago. We don't think that counts, from the rules of the regional geohash. You probably just didn't read them well enough and made an error here... Point is, to earn the regional geohash achievement for the city of Washington you don't only need to visit coordinates in each graticule which has a part in the city of Washington, but all of those geohashed also need to be located within of the city. It doesn't really look like they do, or do they? So, go ahead and visit more geohashes until you really earn the achievement :) But in the meantime, it should be removed, to make it fair for those who go for a good effort to earn it by the rules. --Ekorren 18:43, 14 June 2009 (UTC)

Hey Back: the regional geohash was claimed for the "DC Region 4 Corners," not Washington DC (of which there are only 2 grats anyway) so we don't feel this is wrong. So it does look like they fit. Thanks for for the pedantry.

June 20th at Arundel Mills[edit]

I'm heading through on Saturday, and the geohash is on the way. Want to meet up? -- Jevanyn 14:54, 19 June 2009 (UTC)