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I thought I'd publish a report on my geohashing activity during this year; it's a pretty cool thing professionals do, makes me feel important and also I had nothing better to do anyways. Also, what's better than publishing stats for a stats geek? Of course, I'd like to do this on an annual basis, and am assuming I won't get tired of geohashing before the end of next year. I would encourage anyone who has some time to waste to do something like this too!


I came to discover geohashing on the 12th of August and luckily there was a reachable hash the very next day- 2012-08-13 was thus the day of my first geohash.

I did various expeditions during the summer, but once school started again, my free time diminished, to the point I had a long three-months-no-geohashing-season between September and December.

Geohashing has been a fulfilling experience and it brought me to places I had never been to before, this is the reason why I am planning to keep doing this the upcoming year too! Hopefully I will be able to bring friends with me- so far I have always hashed alone, though I introduced some friends to the concept of our activity and they looked interested in it. Meeting people from other graticules would be equally great- I could think of crossing the border once or twice and visit München graticule once I get my driver's license.

2012 expeditions[edit]

During this year I planned eight expeditions, attempted seven expeditions and reached six hashpoints. I will only consider the seven expeditions I planned for stats and stuff. Here is a table:

No. Date Location Graticule Coordinates Outcome
1 2012-08-13 Mt. Bondone, Trento Trento, Italy 46.01727°, 11.043938° Coordinates reached, no proof provided
2 2012-08-24 Laste, Trento Trento, Italy 46.07424°, 11.134666° Coordinates reached, no proof provided
3 2012-08-26 Gazzadina, Trento Trento, Italy 46.145747°, 11.129721° Coordinates reached
4 2012-08-27 Egna/Neumarkt, Bolzano/Bozen Trento, Italy 46.307353°, 11.267118° Coordinates not reached
5 2012-09-02 Dro, Trento Verona, Italy 45.96997°, 10.918987° Coordinates reached
6 2012-09-20 Albaredo, Trento Padova, Italy 45.855778°, 11.062447° Coordinates reached
7 2012-12-29 Banco, Trento Trento, Italy 46.380787°, 11.071914° Coordinates reached
Mt.Bondone, where my first hashpoint was located.
Some relief from the sun on the hottest expedition of the year- residential neighbourhood of Laste, Trento
My third adventure brought me to a porphiry quarry, which are a common sight in the valleys northeast of Trento
That's where the fourth hashpoint was... according to the coordinates my sister gave me. It was on the other side of the road, but I only learned that back home
Wineyards in Dro, expedition number five- probably the most boring one
Far away from the city in Albaredo, thank you algorythm
Apple trees, only apple trees in my end-of-the year hash in Banco

Activity by month and graticule[edit]

Trento, Italy Verona, Italy Padova, Italy Total
August 4 4
September 1 1 2
October 0
November 0
December 1 1
Total 5 1 1 7

Various stats[edit]

  • All the expeditions took place in the same Italian region (Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol).
  • All expeditions but number 4 took place in the province of Trentino. Number 4 took place in South Tyrol. I have thus visited both the provinces that make up my region, but have only reached hashes in Trentino (I failed to reach my coordinates in Egna)
  • Municipalities visited: 4
  • All expedition but number 2 were done with public transport. I reached hashpoint number 2 by walking. The means I used:
    • On expeditions 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7: intercity buses (specifically lines 202, 104, 205, 301, 314 and 630)
    • On expedition 3, and as a mean between home and the main bus stations: Trento city buses (specifically lines 3 and 10)
    • On expedition 7 I took the narrow-gauge FTM railway.
  • All these means are operated by the same public company, that is Trentino Trasporti.


  • Northernmost geohash: Expedition 7 to Banco.
  • Southernmost geohash: Expedition 6 to Albaredo.
  • Westernmost geohash: Expedition 5 to Dro.
  • Easternmost geohash: Expedition 2 to Laste.
  • Highest geohash: Expedition 1 to Mt.Bondone (1566 m)
  • Lowest geohash: Expedition 5 to Dro (142 m)

I only counted the destinations I reached.


  • Best expedition of the year: both number 3 and 6 are my favourite ones, but I'd go for number 3.
  • Best food I had during an expedition: undecided again between the ice cream I had in Rovereto (expedition 6) and the sandwich I had in Dermulo (expedition 7). Both were pretty good. The second one tasted like victory, also.
  • Best bus driver: the bus driver listening to new age music on my way to Albaredo, expedition 6.
  • Best person I met while geohashing: guy on the coach coming back from Dro, expedition 5.
  • Best random thing that happened to me while geohashing: Finding abandoned panties on the ground on expedition 2
  • Best moment: Getting on the train knowing you made it to the station and that was the most difficult thing (expedition 7)
  • Worst moment: Getting down the bus in Egna just to discover you forgot your coordinates and your map home, and not being able to find any Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Best places I've been to: The road between the bus stop and the hashpoint on expedition 3 was absolutely fantastic, but that was partly because of the weather. Albaredo and the area around Banco were fairly gorgeous too.

New year resolutions[edit]

  • Reach at least 30 geohashes. I know I can do more. But 30 seems fair enough.
  • Reach a geohash outside Trentino. I almost did that, shouldn't be too much of a deal.
  • Reach geohashes in at least two new graticules.
  • Drag at least three different people to geohashes.
  • Reach geohashes in at least 20 Trentino municipalities. (4 so far)
  • Use at least 25 public transport lines (9 so far)
  • Use at least 3 different trainsets (1 so far), 15 city buses (5 so far), 35 intercity buses (10 so far)
  • Achieve any fun ribbon (eg. Pirate, Twister).
  • Get a girlfriend (this has nothing to do with geohashing, but I sort of should anyways)

Thank you for reading this, and have a nice 2013 everyone!