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Lol-asg.png 59 / M / 44,-89
Map of Wisconsin highlighting Marathon County.png This geohasher lives in Wausau, Wisconsin.
44,-89 45,-89

About Me[edit]

It might surprise you to find out that my real name is Bill and that I live in Wausau, WI.

My house is located in 44,-89 but that is at the northern boundary of the graticule, so I will also be using 45,-89 because the points might be closer to my house. As of yet, I am not retired, so taking a few miles off getting close to the point will make a huge difference to me. From the looks of the wiki, I am pretty much on my own out here, so I hope that others in this area will join me soon!


5. 2019-01-17 45 -88 Long drive, almost thwarted, but success!

4. 2019-01-06 44 -88 The easiest one yet, pull in the driveway, and bang the hash is there!

3. 2018-12-31 45 -89 Another exciting field, this time soybeans, next to a county highway!

2. 2018-12-23 44 -89 Another exciting farm field, but reached the hash exactly!

1. 2018-12-16 45 -89 First outing! Just a farm field next to a county highway, but everyone has to start somewhere!

Interesting Hash Points[edit]

None Yet!

Local Terrain[edit]

Wisconsin, of course is all over the place with terrain, but in moderation. The hills are none to high and valleys none too low. Alot of flat ground all around. I live in the glaciated area of Wisconsin, so there are often interesting geological features that have Scandinavian names for them, which I will highlight when I can. Along with the oddly named features, the area includes many water features, so we will see how many I can get to. Being in the Midwest, much of the land is privately owned, so once again, we'll see how many spots I can actually get to.

Virtual GeoHashing[edit]

So, it strikes me that being prompted to visit more or less random places is a really good idea. But I am a lowly adjunct teacher with no budget and even getting to points within my graticule is usually more than I can do, much less going somewhere else in the world. However, it strikes me that with the power of the internet that I can make virtually to, well, virtually any point on the earth. So, that is what I am setting out to do.

Here is my procedure, such as it is. When I am able to undertake a virtual journey, I start by going to to generate two numbers for latitude and longitude. This actually gives me four possible graticules (one both positive, one both negative and two mixed). Check the graticules, see if any of them are on land (by chance, one out of four should be.) Having my spot in the world, I use the Google Earth tour maker (and Google Earth, maps and any other resources I can find) to make a virtual journey to the spot.

I find it interesting and hope that you will as well.

Not sure where to put these virtual journeys, but for now, I will put the links for the tours here when I get some.

First Virtual Tour! Came up with 44,25 with the random numbers, so we went to Romania, come along if you would like: Virtual 44,25 Hash

Teach Me![edit]

I have much to learn and am more than willing to listen!