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Hail and well met, traveler. Welcome to my humble abode(ok, its really just a userpage, but bear with me, I haven't figured out how to upload physical locations to the interwebs and link them to wikis, yet). My name is Kevin Meyerriecks, but you may call me anything you wish, believe me I'm not easily offended, but two names I often go by are Drake and The Dragon Professor(Or just Professor, for short). I very recently discovered geohashing(recently is December 5th, 2010, if this page survives to the future) while on one of my mid-late night xkcd binges. I was instantly intrigued by the concept and was rather delighted to discover this community. I'm from NYC and as such will be attempting most of my geohashes here. The fun part is my lovable hometown is an island, and as I do not own a boat and the one I did have access to I probably won't in the next boating season, nor am I amphibious and swimming out 11(seems to be the average for the dates I've seen that are in the water) miles seems fairly ridiculous, though I still might attempt it if I've had enough encouraging from bad sources. I also don't own a gps, or a gps capable phone, which is funny, but I have access to someone who has a car mounted one that I might use to get in the general area until I obtain my own. Regardless I'm interested, and while I might not be the most fit applicant I'm surprisingly durable and thick skulled, so I'm at least going to fail miserably.

Outside of my rather newfound interest to geohashing, which if that was my only interest I'd be a very sad person, indeed, I enjoy reading and writing, though I haven't read as many books as I should. I'm currently writing a fantasy novel, its a bit of a spin on the Grim Reaper mythos but ever since my eyes started messing with me I've been going rather slow, still, almost at about 400 pages and I'm enjoying the experience, when I'm done anyone who wants a copy can have one for free, under the condition you be as harsh as possible in criticizing me when you've read it. I'm also a pretty serious fire performer and mainly breathe, thus the picture, but I also spin a bit of poi, torch poi, staff and enjoy playing with smaller props like fire orbs. I've been a hardcore D&Der since the 4th grade and probably won't ever stop, same with being a metalhead. At the time of writing this I think my ears are still ringing from my most recent Ozzy show and I wouldn't have it any other way. Aside from that I bowl and play some video games when my eyes allow it, anything else I'm not remembering at the moment so it probably isn't important.

If anyone wants to drop me a line personally I don't mind, in fact I encourage it, whether to talk about alternate hash points, form a party for a particularly fun hash, or just because you feel like poking a dragon.

  • email:
  • aim: wariorchil

Plan of Attack[edit]

  • Obtain decent handheld GPS of my own, most likely when a decent on is on sale somewhere and I feel like investing the money
  • Obtain decent bike, as having been living in a NYC apartment for a while I've declined in getting one, but this seems like a fair reason to invest
  • Obtain decent eyes, working on that one, no really.
  • Find local geohashers who either rely on luck of the draw to get a dry land hash or have a method of reaching the aquatic ones, though to be honest the aquatic ones might become fairly repetitive, so
  • Think of way to make each aquatic hash unique, if I find a way to do them, or my uncle is cool with me borrowing his boat.
  • Have fun.

Geohash History[edit]



Also coming soon, but I don't want to overuse bold text.


  • Circus Geohash. I have a little pride in my performing life, and love to do it whether there's a crowd or not, so I expect to be performing at every single geohash I go to, location and weather permitting.

I haven't memorized the list yet, so not really gonna have much to say. Right now my only goal is to go to a single geohash where I meet people and/or have fun.

Closing Notes/Held off for future use[edit]

That about sums it up for now. I'll be checking my home and surrounding graticules on a daily basis from now on so long as I can get online. If any of them are legitimately reachable I'll be going. I plan on spending some time in Alliance OH, probably equipped with a bike, possibly moar so I'll try and log as many hashes as I can when I'm there.

That's it for now! Happy hunting.