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I live in the Vancouver, WA area, my real name is Cristopher S. Williams. I have an adventureous, esentric, poetic mind; and am god-damn sick of the idle tuesday being my everyday, all year long. I'm starting college, and want to break out of the mundane social boundies that high school has built. Fve other hashers, one including myself, are a group of cyclist who have a strict code to bike to the location of the day; we call outselfes the "Geo-Cyclists".

We do it for the love of biking, we do it to meet new people... and we're gonna do it for Jhonny.

The Geo-Cyclists Possie:

admalledd: a little nappy headed kid

(The other three are either too drunk, or too dull minded to make a profile, my deepest apologies, they are a disgrace to us all.)