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I've been reading xkcd for a couple of years now and enjoyed every comic. When I found out that geohashing was a thing, how could I not get involved? The first day I checked, the point was too far, but the next day, it was in my town! Auspicious, right? So I grabbed a friend and we drove over. Looking forward to more adventures to come.

Geohashes completed:

9/4/15 - Went to a strangle little wooded area between the local fence contractor and someone's house. Very steep hill, but my friend and I braved it to get our reward, a very dirty golf ball. Got on top of the spot, best as we could tell, then walked in circles around the area to make sure we hit it - just in case our GPS was a little bit off. Saw no one, despite it being only slightly before four on a Satur- oh. It's Friday. This makes sense then.