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Lol-asg.png 27 / f / 41,-88
Geohashing Highlights


I'm from the Aurora, Illinois graticule. My brother, Mystsyko, took me on my first geohash back in 2013 and I've wanted to do more since. Once he gifted my hashscot, Geo, his old gps, I can finally go on my own. I plan on going as often as I can, as my life has been stressful recently and I could use a little adventure.

Geo, my trusty homemade hash-chicken, is eager to go on more adventures. In fact, she's been to more geohashes than me! Just don't give her the gps. She's blind.


  1. Arrow2.png GHTR car.png 2013-11-24 41 -88 At the Steak & Shake in Bolingbrook, IL withDolphintreasure, Mystrsyko & 5 others
  2. Arrow2.png GHTR car.png 2015-05-29 41 -88 In a small subdivision in Aurora, IL with Kiamx
  3. Arrow2.png GHTR car.png 2015-06-07 40 -89 Racing to the side of the road before it storms near Petersburg, IL with Dolphintreasure & Mystrsyko
  4. Arrow4.png GHTR car.png 2015-06-11 41 -88 In someone's backyard in Lemont, IL with Kiamx
  5. Arrow2.png GHTR car.png 2015-06-16 41 -88 In a farm field in Plainfield, IL with Kiamx
  6. Arrow2.png GHTR car.png 2015-07-04 41 -88 Near an apartment building in Bolingbrook, IL with Kiamx
  7. Arrow2.png GHTR car.png 2015-07-20 41 -88 Near a park in Bolingbrook, IL with Kiamx
  8. Arrow2.png GHTR car.png 2015-07-31 41 -88 Curbside in a subdivision in Naperville, IL With Kiamx


X7 Land geohash achievement
X1 No trespassing consolation prize
X1 Buccaneer Geohash