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Home graticule: Dallas, Texas.

My goal is to help cover the entire state of Texas. Some graticules, though, are going to be rather tough to name. When you get out near El Paso, there are entire graticules with almost no towns at all. I'm seriously considering a Desolate Places catch-all, similar to what I did for the area southeast of Houston. It's known to the locals as the Gulf of Mexico.


  • I used to live on the remote rural loop where the 2008-12-23 geohash took place. It's actually a red-letter day out in the middle of nowhere; my ex-wife is having her new double-wide trailer installed today!


On my birthday, no less! Details and gratuitous achievements coming soon, but I made it to the January 20, 2010 hashpoint in the Dallas, Texas graticule. That was so much fun!