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Lol-asg.png 31 / f / 43,-2

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soon to come

My first Geohash[edit]

What can I say about my first was a beautiful working sunny day (or rainy? :-P) when we received an email from the most fantastic geohasher, our captain Héliti. She proposed us my first geohasing mission. It was "close" to the working place, so we said...let's do it!!! When I say we, it is not that I have an imaginary friend (or at least it was not this one :-) ), I am talking about the awesome extreme adventure guy, Bruno!!!!

Bruno came a bit late (although I wanted to go earlier ack ack), at 6 and we started our extreme adventure. What do we mean by extreme? 1- No map, no GPS...just a single look to the map in the computer. And a reference, Perro and his house. 2- It was beginning to get dark.

There is a nice picture of the starting point of CFM, thanks to Dr. Zaka, the photographer. (PICTURE!!!!) We passed nanogune and enter the never ending Igara street. After a short time we realized that we were on the wrong way (Thanks Perro!!!! we love you!!!). Then we came back to the correct direction and this was waiting for us...

doesnt he look like I.J.???

Darkness. He looked at us. Then we breathed, trying to hide our real feelings. We were scared to death. His skin was pale and deep frozen. But there was another Passion. That strange made us feel dizzy...(ref. twilight) and then we told him: You are NOT real!

Next step. The cruel reality was a completely dark path. A very narrow road where only one car was fitting. No lights. And suddenly, a car every 15 mins. Each time we had to be careful not to be knocked down. We still had half a way to our goal, and we were not sure if we could arrive alive, so we make some photos and laughs at this point. It was really funny!: [PINKI PICTURES!!!!!]

After that we had to unravel the path, because Igara street has many side branches. Each crossing a decission, each crossing was a hell... and we still had the shadow of I.J. over our minds... But thanks to our single sight to the map and an strong intuition (and lots of laughs) we finally arrived to the sown field where our geohasing point dropped.


To be updated in some months.

Hashpoints I've been to[edit]

01 Arrow1.png Donostia on Oct 30, 2012
Using LizWiz's very nice userpage (which was copied from Juja which was shamelessly copy-pasted from relet's...) as my model.