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I've been reading XKCD for a while, recently moved to Boston, and started riding my bike again (after an 8 year hiatus). I figured a "spontaneous adventure generator" would give me a great excuse to ride my bike all over Boston. It's has since dawned on me how big a graticule really is and how rarely a hashpoint will actually fall somewhere in or around Boston.

But anyways, I'm currently working in Ireland for a few weeks and now that I have the whole Geohashing thing in my head I figure this is as good a place as any to start, especially considering it looks like a virgin graticule. If the points this weekend land somewhere I can actually get to I'll be there.

When I'm not stuck in an overseas office for work I have a habit of spontaneously generating adventures of my own. I've been known to disappear into the wilderness for days at a time either on foot or in my kayak, I've got a beat up old Jeep that can get me just about anywhere there's land to drive on, and I can also fly planes and sail boats so even those difficult ocean hashpoints won't be out of reach once I get back home.