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Lol-asg.png 32 / f / 49,8

Kerstin is a social scientist who is pretty new to the whole geohashing stuff. (Read: she's never done it, but she hopes she will soon.) As of October 2008, she's a research assisant at Bamberg University, Germany. She lives in Bamberg (49, 10) during the week, and spends the weekend with her boyfriend and friends in Mannheim (49, 8), where she studied. Her family lives in Bonn (50, 7) and Cologne (50, 6), so you might find her there, too.

Kerstin likes collecting non-matching obsessions, including but not limited to econometrics, knitting, Harry Potter, various wikis, being very particular about her tea, dubious internet stuff, cycling, getting crazy about traditional cooking or baking recipes, eco-geeking, hiking, and answering people in another language.