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A Sum[edit]

I am vaguely in the category of "from the Internet", because I come from parts that few know of, and fewer visit. I have not gone to a hash point yet, but hope to this weekend. Three Virgin Geohashing points are within my grasp, maybe more. No, I do not feel greedy; no one else will appear at these points.

Also, I do not understand how the formatting stuff works. Jiml got the thing to the right to work in a way I did not expect, but fulfills the purpose. Awesome.

First Attempt[edit]

Barely got started. I woke at about 4, having slept 16 hours. Then discovered that although I had made sure to eat dinner the previous night, and collected the supplies, my bones ache(d) horribly, and I knew I would seize up after the first couple of miles. Not to mention the rain.

Perhaps I will do better tomorrow.