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Most active users is no longer located here

Note: This page tracks most active users all time. To see the most active users in a given year, see Most active users by year

This page tracks the most active registered wiki users using two different measurements: most expeditions and most hash coordinates reached. This is accomplished by going through the monthly archives and looking at each expedition page for each month. The two specific things being looked for on each expedition page are linked user pages and the "Coordinates reached/Not reached" category tags. If the page does not contain any linked user names, or does not have the appropriate category tags, it will not be counted in the totals. Currently, retro hashes are not being tracked.

Disclaimer: These charts are being generated and updated manually. Once totals for a given month are entered into the charts, they will not be checked again. If you add late expeditions, or think a user's numbers might be off, let this user know and he will recount them if time allows.

Note 2: this page is updated monthly, and usually one month behind to give everyone time to log their expeditions. For example, January numbers wont be counted until the end of February.

Most active users by year[edit]

The following pages display the most active users for each calender year:
Most active users 2015
Most active users 2014
Most active users 2013
Most active users 2008