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I love the idea of geohashing, but sometimes I can't help but wonder if all the rules defeat the whole purpose of having an adventure. Then I realize I'm probably over-thinking what constitutes an adventure. And then I also realize I'm still stuck in a cubicle and am in no position to criticize any type of adventure.

I live in Franklin, TN, and I'm hoping to start some activty on my home graticule of Murfreesboro. However, since my town is situated in the northwest corner of my graticule, I will also visit my neighboring graticules when their hashpoints are closer to my house than the hashpoint in my own sector.

My Graticules[edit]

Murfreesboro - Where I live

Nashville - Northern neighbor with an active group of geohashers that I hope to meet!

Columbia - Neighbor to the west

Clarksville - Northwest neighbor

My goal will be to visit geohashes in each of these graticules!