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My name is Jeffrey O’Connell, My blood type is O+ and I was born under Gemini. I enjoy playing go under user name fujimokou on kgs. I brake Swedish law on a dally basis, watch excessive amounts of anime and I answer my phone calls “moshi moshi” to the confusion of telemarketers. When the train cart is empty I recite lines of Shakespeare. I eat with chop sticks when ever possible. I have duck tape on me at all times. I use dice to make minor dictions. I sing loudly in Japanese when I think no one is looking. I don’t use mayonnaise. I never drive, but prefer public transportation, and I watch basically no TV, witch makes me some what socially inept. I prefer finding questions instead of answers. I have an extended tail bone. I like to license under the GNU GPL. I’ve read legal documents for fun. I have fought a professional wrestler and have been to Canada over 100 times in one day. I play the piano excessively. I am diagnosed with aixelsyd. I can sing the periodic table of elements. I have found all Nine Billion Names of God and then signal handily stopped the universe form unraveling. Some one once put me on you tube for doing a dance. I‘ve done battle on a moving train. I have been invited to sing for the pope, the president, and most importantly the Boston red sox. I can go three days with out sleeping, enduring minor hallucinations. Randal Monroe has draw me my own personal comic on the same day I met Orson Scott Card. I'v legally been to India, China, and Japan. I have explained the rules of D&D to a 中国人 using 漢字. I have performed tsurupettan on stage while cosplying ikubi akibusu. When injured I respond “itai”. I have 1cced 3N,7N,7.5L,8N,9N,10L and I solve my problems recursively.

Geohashes I've visited[edit]

2008-05-24, Boston

took rt 128 12:05 into south station and then the forge park train 1:20 to forge park and biked 8.2 miles. No one from the geohash acompanied me but a help full biker named Keven took me part of the way there.