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Hello out there. I'm Mike, and I'm a:

  • Television-Radio-Film major at Syracuse University.
  • Eagle Scout who knows his way around a topo map and a compass.
  • Fairly respectable geek.
  • Etc...

Since it's currently summer, I'll be intermittently active in my hometown, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Feel free to talk to me!

I have a blog (that you should harass me to update more often), as well as a webcomic, "Directionless". Which you should also harass me to update more often. No, for real. Junior year of college spans over more than two comics!!)

My film/video work is at Hanley Films.

Geohashes Visited[edit]

None yet.

Planned Visits[edit]

My girlfriend (also a big XKCD fan) will be visiting the first week of June, and we both hope to go to the meet at 2008-06-07_40_-80! (or 2008-06-07_40_-79, depending on how the Pittsburgh group decides things.)