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About Me :

  • Anyone who gets to know me, knows that there is nothing private in my life. I'm a really open individual and I like to keep it that way.
  • I can't whistle. I was able to when I was younger before I had braces, but since then I got out of the habit. I do like to whistle, but it is a point of much joking when I do. I'm not the best speller, and I find myself checking to make sure I don't look like an ass. *laugh*
  • I am extroverted, competitive, aggressive, outgoing, loving, energetic, kinky and less athletic than I used to be. However I still surprise myself with my endurance.
  • I can trust easily in the goodness of others. Sometimes leading me to trust blindly for a short while before I reign myself in again. To remind myself to look at the situation from an outside perspective. I am a nice to the point where I have let myself be taken advantage of in various situations. Though all of these times pertaining to individuals that were overly self-centered reminds me to remember myself. Or perhaps it can be said that I am led more with my heart than my head. Although the head is a close second. To the world I am close to the same as I have always been. Now, however, to myself I am more realistic.
  • I love humor. Though my humor lends itself more to the sarcastic, silly, occasionally witty, jokes that end in bowel movements or gore. How can a bowel movement joke be witty? I’m searching for that elusive joke myself. I amuse myself greatly, and find myself laughing at life in all it’s variety a lot.
  • I am ambitious, entrepreneuring and fascinated by many things. This has lead to a variety of jobs and skills. Also a tendency not to stay in a job longer than 3 years. I like change. It helps me feel progressive in a way. My current hobby for pay goals include special effects makeup and photography. Both indulging my creativity. I wonder at times why I choose expensive hobbies.
  • To some extent I like to surprise people. The core of themselves is exposed, even temporarily, in the moment of surprise. I watch people. I am always pondering about what others might be thinking, or what causes them to behave the way they do. I am not above being introspective as well.
  • Intelligent conversation turns me on. Poor hygiene turns me off.

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