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Oooo..... yet another intartube place to spout dribble...

Since is still down, I'll post this here!

Jason: so when we were in branson last week, there is a store and it's called black white, i dont know what the store actually is, but we were in front of an interracial couple, and they walked right under the sign and matched up with the words, we were laughing soooo hard they had no idea

me: Wow, did you get a picture?

Jason: no! I had a camera but couldnt get it in time

me: dammit

Jason: eileen wanted to ask them to stand under it again but we ended up not it would have been a perfect demotivational poster, cause it was them from behind holding hands RIGHT under the sign

me: what would have been ballzier? Taking their picture while they're looking right at you, or having to explain why you want them to stand still so that you can take a picture

Jason: haha well it would have been from behind if it were in time I don't think I have ever seen the word ballzier spelled out, only said it sounds like a support garment for your balls

me: yeah, it is. Don't you have one? Wait, you don't wear a ballzier, do you?

Jason: uuhhhh, yes of COURSE I do! what kind of a man doesn't! You don't want them just flopping around all willy nilly! the under wire hurts like a bitch though

me: Didn't you know? With the Ballzier (tm), you no longer need birth control! (disclaimer: only in the summer). It hugs your sandbags so close to the sausage that you just cook all your little soldiers to death!

Jason: lol! no! a semen holocaust! Jason: there's a name for a band, semen holocaust or sperm parade down belly button lane

me: eww...