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Lol-asg.png 29 / f / 51,-0

I'm Livvy and I live within the London West graticule.

Only just (as of 2nd Sept. 08) discovered geohashing but hoping to becoming an avid hasher.
Useless, random facts include: my left foot is bigger than my right, I love Firefly with all my heart, I can't stand it when people cut me up on roundabouts, I love the smell of papaya, I am eighteen years of age and my goal in life (well, one of far, far too many) is to live in NYC.
Waiting for a hash location near my own to venture outwards. Have a car and would willingly drive not too far to a meet-up.

Geohash Experience #0001:

DATE: 5th September 2008
TIME: 15:22
GRATICULE: London West
LOCATION: N51°45.1721', W0°46.0692
COMMENTS: Wet and windy. Drove for far too long but felt such a sense of achievement when I reached the destination. Nobody else there, but left a little note saying "Geohash complete! 05.09.08" with the web address on it. I will definitely be doing this again!