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[edit] Introduction

Hi man! If you are reading this article about me, you don't have really anything to do. However i really don't know anything about geo-hashing but a freind of mine, Batuffolo, has talked to me about this stupid thing. I accepted to help him only beacause i didn't have anything better to do. That's all man, if you want please send me a message with your mother's cellphone number, ;D. SEE YA SOON!

[edit] Plans

2p.2011-06-04 41 16Free Saturday + easy hash(41km) = second amazing geohash planned.I will be there with a friend of mine for about the 3.00 clock.

[edit] Expeditions


[edit] Achievements

I haven't had any achievements up to now, but i will soon become the king of the WORLD! muahahaha!