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Yeah and:

28.05.08: Today I created this account to mark my participation in geohashing. Two days ago I was flying a kite at the beach while swimming. The water was too rough to fly it from my Kayak. Now I have a horrible sunburn.

About me:

I have no car. But I can navigate with a GPS, or a compass, or even by the light of the sun (except for about 2 hours around noon). I enjoy making and flying kites, doing origami, computer science, hiking, kayaking, Scouting (I am an Eagle Scout and am active in Venturing Division at the local level. I have attended a National Jamboree as well as the World Centenary Jamboree), Organization, structure, rules, Breaking the previous three things, writing, literature, fire, theater (live), anime, Improv Everywhere Global, and a whole bunch of other things.