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Successful geohashes[edit]

2008-07-02 37 -121: This geohash was inside a house, so I biked over to the road it was on, noted an adorable yorkshire terrier, took a photo of the house, and left. Important fact: 4.4 miles is a lot further than it looks on paper, especially when you have to bike back, too. Also: the next time there's an adorable yorkshire terrier, I should probably take a picture of that as well.

2008-08-02 37 -121: This geohash was also inside a house (6032 Thorntree Drive), so I biked over to this one, too. It was right by a nice-looking park. Nice-looking. I have allergies. Anyway, shortly afterward, I lost my map. I tried taking the bus home, but missed my stop, biked a good distance back, took a wrong turn, know what? This doesn't really get any better, so I'm going to end this here.