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Participant Photos[edit]


People make the best subjects. I generally have to geohash alone, so I envy such things.

People are hard to photograph; they're constantly changing, and are influenced by the camera itself. As such, deficiencies in composition, lighting, and sharpness are more easily forgiven.

This gallery is my attempt at illustrating the diverse spirit of geohashing.


Geohashers are spread out across the world. The nature of the algorithm forces the participant to explore the world around them. Through these photos, the users get to see parts of the world they've never experienced.

I shoot landscapes, and I try to do it very well. I understand that not everyone wants to haul a big, expensive camera, or upload large files. I still judge these photos heavily (like my own), and if they're here, I consider them to be among the best.

My Photos[edit]


All are in British Columbia, Canada.

What you see is pretty close to straight-out-of-camera. I correct for lens vignetting and aberrations, and white-balance as faithful as possible. Contrary to current trends, I strive to capture the beauty of my environment as the naked eye would see it.