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Julianaxiodite - n: A Wannabe Hasher

I habitually click the Geohash link on my bookmark toolbar every single day to see where that day's hash is.

I never go, and I have my reasons:

  1. I am an office worker with a wife and 4 small kids who expect me to be home in the evenings
    • My wife has not caught the spirit of Geo-hashing and does not appreciate the allure.
    • As a consequence, extra outings and away time chasing after elusive randomly-generated GPS coordinates doesn't seem like a good use of time.
    • I love my wife more than geohashing, so I make sacrifices.She makes sacrifices, too, and much more consequential.
  2. I don't own a reliable GPS device.
    • I bought a $30 one using some birthday money in 2012, but, to my dismay, it didn't seem to work... at all. It might be worth another shot.
    • I was gifted an iPod touch for Christmas in 2012, which I thought would lead me to greater success in geohashing, until I learned about its GPS deficiency.

So why do I compulsively check the daily hashpoint?

    • Perhaps for the spirit of adventure it breathes into a life too full of monotony and tedium.
    • Perhaps because it makes for a nice twenty minutes of distraction at work.
    • Perhaps because some days, some times, it actually feels achievable even in spite of my obstacles.

I hope to one day be a better equipped and more active hasher, but that day seems like it is still a long way off.

Lame attempts and questionable "achievements"

  • My first attempt on 2013-02-26. I think I get credit for this.
  • Landgeohash.png
    Julianaxiodite earned the Land geohash achievement
    by reaching the (40, -111) geohash on 2013-02-26.
  • My second attempt on 2013-09-30, for which I don't deserve credit, but which still felt like a minor victory of sorts.