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  • Bicycle
  • GPS
  • Hang Glider
  • Jetski
  • Duct Tape
  • Rope
  • Map?
  • Google directions
  • Science!
  • Icy Refreshment
  • Spare Change
  • Social Life
  • Trash
  • Security badge
  • High-performance automobile
  • Week's vacation or three-day weekend
  • Co-geohasher (multiples)
  • A Date


  • Air geohash: requires air-based vehicle and ?
  • Land Geohash: requires Directions and ?
  • Water geohash: requires water-based vehicle and ?
  • MacGyver geohash: requires Duct Tape and Science!
  • GeoSquishy geohash: requires Spare Change and Icy Refreshment(tm)
  • Saturday Meetup: requires Social Life and Map
  • No batteries geohash: requires Directions and no one has a GPS.
  • ?: Requires ? and no one has Social Life (I'll try to be polite when I make this one :-))
  • Sex geohash: requires Co-geohasher and a Date
  • Multihash: Requires three-day weekend and ?
  • Drag-along: Requires Co-geohasher and Rope


  • Phone a friend: Player is assumed to have "directions" for the rest of the turn.

New Rules[edit]

  • It's Saturday!: any geohash requires multiple winners.
  • My usual methods don't work here: ?
  • Citation Needed: ?
  • Red Spiders and/or Velociraptors: Player must have a weapon of some kind to reach the geohash

Rules variations[edit]

  • There will be some mechanic such that multiple players can "meet up". Players that have met up win together.