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This is a list of my graticule name suggestions. These names are not officially approved yet (as much as there is such a thing as official approval)... so if anyone has a comment please post it either after the name in question - or on the talk page if it's long and/or general!

70N and up[edit]


65,27 - Pudasjärvi East, Finland

65,33 - Engozero, Russia

  • The largest lake in the graticule (by far), as well as the second largest town (as towns go Ambarnyy is slightly larger and somewhat farther from the border, but IMHO the lake wins).

65,34 - Kuzema, Russia

  • The largest town in the graticule by far.


60,37 - Belozersk, Russia

  • I'll ignore the question of whether the graticule even should be named for something so close to the edge; IMHO there's no other realistic choice anyway. What I'm saying is that the name of this historical Russian town never contained the letter "ë".


59,36 - Maza, Russia

  • More for central-ish location than anything else. Pozhara is somewhat larger (pop 355 versus 308) but is almost at the corner; Borisovo-Sudskoye is far larger (pop 1896) but is partly cut off by the graticule border.

57,139 - Tukchi, Russia

  • There is a bit of a dispute as to where Kekra is (see below) - Google Maps shows two locations named Kekra, and for all I know there might actually be two - but fortunately Tukchi (not on Google Maps) is probably more important anyway (it even has a small airstrip).

57,140 - Kekra, Russia

  • Formerly much larger, and now with a population of 4, the village of Kekra (and not much else) appears to be in this graticule, so I'm putting it here. (It's unclear whether the other Kekra shown on Google Maps is real - might actually be Kemkra. Tukchi is larger, anyway.)



42,28 - Silistar Beach, Bulgaria

  • There's several places named Silistar in this graticule - seemingly more than any other name combined in fact - but simply naming it Silistar (as I originally wanted) would've made it hopelessly confused with the much larger town of Silistra in the other end of the country. So one had to be chosen, and IMHO the beach is much more recognizable :-)



25,120 - Xiao Yu, Taiwan

  • This graticule is almost fully sea; the only land (that I could find anyway) being the tiny islet of Xiao Yu, some 2 kilometers NE off the shore of Dongquan in the Matsu archipelago (which is officially part of Taiwan). That, coincidentally (if correct), should make it well in the running for having the smallest nonzero land fraction - as in, ahead of Lot's Wife (though very possibly behind Rockall, and there's a wild card in -18,37).


0S and down[edit]