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JPBStory the Geohasher[edit]

About the person[edit]

JPBStory's real name is Jack ('JPB' are his initials) and he is a new geohasher from the 52,1 area. He has always enjoyed xkcd and has been a dedicated fan after spending a large amount of time reading the first 300 in one go. He discovered geohashing by accident a few months after wonder what on earth the original cartoon (#426) meant. He is still uncertain (since this is his first attempt at making a wiki) whether it is the 'done thing' to refer to yourself in the third person.


None so far but I only discovered geohashing and signed up to this website today (4/8/2010...I'm English not a time traveller). I intend to do a few where I currently am but I will be moving somewhere else in September to go to university. As you can see I'm now trialling the first person style of writing. So far it seems to make more sense since this is effectively a profile page.


See above.

I've never made a Wiki before in my life...exciting stuff![edit]

I genuinely don't know how to do anything that isn't mentioned on so any advice would be reeeally handy. Let's hope this works.

Jack =-) 19:33, 8 April 2010 (UTC)

p.s. It said use these horizontal lines sparingly but I'm a rebel.