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Lol-asg.png 35 / m / 26,-80

General Info[edit]

Key west.JPG

Live in Fort Lauderdale, work by Miami International Airport. Able to meet for (26,-80), (25,-80) most Saturdays. Would love to take part in a Key West (24,-81) trip should it be on land.

Completed Geohashes[edit]

2008-11-05: Located in south Kendall (25,-80) on top of a house just off 100th SW Circle and 122nd Ave. Gimmickless was there at 1630-1700, listening to All Things Considered.

2008-10-02: Met Zer088 in (25,-80). I brought a hula hoop. He brought a camera. Together, we captured an airplane.

2008-08-31: Located at the north end of Big Pine Key in (24, -81). To my knowledge, this is the southernmost hash completed in the contiguous United States.

Contact Info[edit]

AIM/YIM: gimmickless