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My name is Frost, and I am a Geohasher in the Atlanta area.

Expedition Logs[edit]

07/16/2011 - 33.421263°, -84.833808°

Today was to be my first Geohash. Was it an easy one to start out? Maybe a parking lot or the side of a road? Of course not. It was in the middle of nowhere, over an hour drive away. So after the "Nothing ventured nothing gained" speech from a friend, I said what the hell. After driving over halfway there, I make a turn onto this small road. I almost lost a tire making this damn turn. This road went from asphalt, to dirt, to gravel/dirt very quickly. It was a tiny, single lane road in the middle of the woods. After a little bit of driving, I figure this is probably the wrong road. Sadly, this "road" was so small there was no way to physically turn my jeep around. So I decided to ride it out until I got somewhere with enough space to turn around. Folks I was not being picky, I literally had a dirt wall on my left, and a cliff/river on my right. I come up to a bridge, well it used to be a bridge, that had fallen apart. To "fix" it, somebody put 2 planks of wood across it. So I lit a cigarette and tried to cross. I actually made it, however my situation did not improve on the other side. After more driving, I came across a landscaper in the middle of nowhere. I stopped and asked him directions. He knew how to get to a main road, but could not really tell me any more. Then he said " Sorry I can't tell you how to get there, but I could tell you a story about a Mexican hooker". So I turned off my jeep and said "You have my attention". He proceeded to tell me this crazy story about a hot Mexican hooker he knew for about 10 years. He said this chick ruined his life, in total he spent about $40000 on her over the 10 years. He even had to sell some land to pay off his debts he wracked up because of this girl. After the story I went on my way, found a real road, and got back on track to the Geohash point. A dragonfly flew into the jeep and could not figure out how to get out. That may sound adorable, but not when your driving with a dragonfly losing his mind 6in from your face. I finally get to Witcher Road. The Geohash point is in the middle of the woods just off a dirt road that connects to Withcer Road. That dirt road was blocked by a metal gate and 3 "No Trespassing Signs". The gate was telling me to stop here, and the fact that it was already 4pm and the fact that it was about to rain told me I should listen to what the gate had to say. So I decided this was as close as I'm going to get. As I'm going back to the jeep I see a very large snake go across my path, kinda emphasizing the wisdom in my decision. I wrote XKCD in the dirt/gravel,got back on the road and got home without incident. I'm disappointed that my first Geohash ended in failure, but I guess it could be worse. A Mexican hooker could have ruined my life.