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Lol-asg.png 29 / m / 47,8


Geohasher from Argovia, Switzerland. Just finished my first expedition on May 4th. Now planning my second one, stay tuned



  • Visit every Canton in my home graticule - very unlikely tough, since one of them is only a few square kilometers in the graticule.



Date Graticule Address Graticule Name People Met Success/Failure Description
2012-05-04 47 8 Zürich, Switzerland - Succeeded on a Hill in Uerkheim
2012-06-05 47 8 Zürich, Switzerland Sarah Failed Conveniently in a village (Oberkulm) next to some roads
2012-08-07 47 8 Zürich, Switzerland Sarah Succeeded On a road on a hill near Seon
2012-10-30 47 8 Zürich, Switzerland - Succeeded On a hillside near Wittwil
2014-25-05 47 8 Zürich, Switzerland - Failed In a residential area in Schöftland