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diello Rochester, NY (N43 W77)[edit]

Myspace diello, livejournal diello, or just diello for short. I also go by 'fawn' or 'fawndolyn'. You may recognize me by my plump girlish figure, my emo glasses I've had since before I realized they were associated with metrosexual boys who cry into a blogophone while wearing their sister's pants, and my smile with a missing front tooth) I don't have my own GPS doo-hickey, but am eager to get together with someone who has one for the sake of making it to a meetup. I will bring a chessboard. I live in Rochester, New York (N43 W77). My email is fawndolyn (at) yahoo (duh) com.

My First Time (43.091382° -77.058595°)[edit]

I was too late to borrow a gps navigator from a friend, so my boyfriend Charles and I went out to buy one ourselves. Didn't find out immediately that it needed batteries, so we had to make two trips. Unfortunately, this made us an hour late for the meetup. But I don't think anyone else made it anyway. When we got there, we had a little surprise waiting for us...


We parked in a driveway at a farmhouse and were fortunate enough to find the owner and ask permission to cut through his crops. He was kind enough to oblige, and actually seemed to know a lot about geocaching. On our way...


In the distance, was a pole sticking out of the ground. We thought there had already been a group here and had left their mark, since our navigator was bringing us closer and closer to the coordinates and we walked closer and closer to the pole with the mysterious things hanging from it. What could it be? Well, let me get a little closer. ONOZ! I've fallen into a rabbit hole! Oh, silly Alice.


Okay, now I've learned that tall grasses hide cruel pranks. Let's see what's in this bag hanging off this here pole.


OH CRIPES! It's a freaking orgy of Japanese beetles!!




Thus ends our first geohashing adventure.


Go here to see the video of the location and the bugs crawling all over each other.