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Academic hacker, Debian Developer, in the Boston graticule (People's Republic of Cambridge). No hashes visited yet.

I have a penchant for esoteric and minimalist use of scripting languages[1], so I was naturally drawn to the Implementations page. Old edits from are me being too lazy to sign up. I am to blame for the (current) state of the shell implementation and Perl great-circle lazy-searcher. I may refactor you mercilessly. Please revert or correct any errors without waiting to ask me, but don't break the right-hand margin of the shell script[2].

Don't Repeat Yourself.

[1] Thus far xkcd has been even less impressed by this than by my rudimentary knowledge of bash history editing. I guess I can keep trying.

[2] Unless you are a god and can make it McQuary while still being portable. In that case the best way to reach me is probably to root my server and check it into my ~/bin repository.