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Being a bit bored at work I found myself clicking 'random' on xkcd reliving memories of previous comics. Somehow I ended up on the blag reading the 2012 geohashing post and discoverd that actual people were actually doing this. It seemed like a fun way of discovering --new places and to give me goals while learning to ride my motorcycle.

Wait. Actually my first train of thought was: Hey this is something nice to do with Gil. We can turn this into a camping weekend. We could go by motorcycle. Hmm, all Belgian graticules seem to contain some neighbouring country. Better get my licence first then. Bummer. I could do the close ones by bicycle though. Or... I can use some Belgian geohashes to train for my licence.

So that's what I'm going to do.

I live in 51,4 but I'm quite as likely to be found in one of the surrounding Belgian graticules (I can ride anywhere as long as I stay on Belgian soil, and for the moment I'm still a bit weary of highways).

FYI I drive a black Honda CBR 750 (Dutch blog).


I'm hoping for a couch potato geohash in the next weeks as I'm homebound due to a motorcycle-accident. (A silly one. I had to do a maneuver to avoid a car that decided to change lanes into my lane last minute before the traffic lights. I successfully avoided the car but couldn't hold my bike when it came to a standstill and it crashed (on) my ankle. The driver lowered her window, asked as if our vehicles had touched and drove off.)

Going to try and reach 2013-09-06 51 4 one day, but it will not be on 2013-09-06: On duty at work. I cannot leave the house until Monday :( As it is just 1 km away from where I picked up that bottle of elderberry wine and 1 mile from my parents' house I will however try to reach it later.

Geohashes reached[edit]

Went for 2013-08-28 51 4 by motorcycle (jumpstarted it on Monday) and cruised by my parents afterwards.

Geohashes missed[edit]

Tried to reach 2013-08-25 51 5. Motorcycle wouldn't start. Will explain later.