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Some of these are in progress or definite, some are just thoughts.[edit][edit]

  • Pull graticule list at regular intervals
  • add * to DNS
  • redirect unambiguous names to graticule pages. e.g. ->,_Germany
  • redirect ambiguous names to a pre-wiki disambiguation page
  • redirect to graticule pages (is "-" valid in dns names? as the first character? e.g. Or does it "just work" even though officially not allowed by DNS RFCs.)[edit]

  • djia - pretty much done, just needs to add to the db when confidence reaches 50%
  • hashpoint api when djia done, easy.
  • Talk to davean about setting up mysql replication so queries can be done without http.
  • Download various data sets and make available to other tool writers to avoid hammering the wiki. e.g. user list, users by a/s/g, graticule list, meetups by user. Can be near-real-time with mysql replication in place.[edit]

  • latitude/longitude format converter. Link this (in a small popup?) from various templates that show latitudes, particularly Meet-up
  • Distance/bearing between two points. Overlay as a straight line on a google map.
  • Drawable map for notifications to let you specify exact areas. Talk to Aperfectring about extending his existing code rather than doing it from scratch.
  • Look into the possibility of using to specify public transport limited notifications (e.g. send me hashes that can be reached in under an hour).

Wiki bots[edit]

  • Extend the asg template, or make a new one, to include stuff like "has GPS? has car? has bike?" etc. Use this to automatically generate Local Geohashers list like the current Berlin one.
  • Bot to automatically sign unsigned talk page comments. Should be code out there already for Wikipedia. Shouldn't have the verbose and pompous "the preceding unsigned comment was left by" text prepended as this is rather discouraging.

Wiki stuff[edit]

Other tools[edit]

Offer tool and bot authors accounts on, link their tools within and so everything's easy to find and in one place. Give them also read-only access to the mysql replica for stuff they can get without http wiki requests.


Follow up on the forum server load issue, do people still find it problematic and should we still switch?

Other stuff[edit]

Write a script to calculate the odds of a hash falling within Xkm of a U/S/tram station in Berlin. DONE: Public transport probability